From Monday to Friday, You May Earn Up To 2,5% From Your Personal Investment For 200 Days!

FXTrading Corp BOTS

FXTrading Corp Trader Specialists have created Exclusive Software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) System called “Bots” for
the FxTrading Corporation, with an Investment of more than 2,2 Million Dollars!

This allows all FxTrading user to simultaneously monitor the 24 hours and 365 days of the year al the
best negotiation procedures that detect the best values of the world market exchange every second through their back-office.

FXTrading EXTRAORDINARY Daily Income Packages

FXTrading Referral Bonuses

The Referral Allowance Will Be 6% Of The Amount Invested By The Investors You Referred To FXTrading Corp.

FXTrading Binary Bonuses

You Will Receive a 8% Binary Bonus On Your Weaker Leg.

PLEASE NOTE: You Need To First Qualify For Binary Bonuses by Enrolling 1 Downline on Both Your Left & Right Legs.
1 PT = 1 Dollar

FXTrading Corp Career & Residual Income

You Will Earn 2% Residual Income from Your Entire Network, it is linked directly to the Career Plan, where each Star Reached, you reach Higher Levels and Win More.

FXTrading Corp Rolex Watch Reward

FXTrading Corp International Trip Reward

FXTrading Corp Toyota Camry Reward

FXTrading Corp Mercedes Class E Reward

FXTrading Corp Mercedes Class E Reward

FXTrading Corp Black Star Reward

FXTrading Corp Addintional Important Information

  • The Withdrawal Request Fee is 5%. The Minimum Withdrawal is $50.
  • The Daily Gain of Up To 2,5% Will Be Paid 24 Hours After Package Sale.
  • Payments Are Done at 00:00, South Korea Time.
  • The BINARY Daily Limit is Your Own Package.
    EXAMPLE: $5,000 = You Can Receive Up To $5,000 On That Day.
  • The Bonus Rating Will Be Accumulating On Your Weaker Leg.
  • You Will Receive a +2% Residual Bonus When You Reach Upper Levels.
    EXAMPLE: STAR 1 Requires 1,000 Points Towards Your Weaker Leg, and You Will Receive +2% of Your Level 1.
  • You Will Receive an Additional 2% Of Your Entire Team as Your Career Plan Increases.
  • Upgrades Can Only Be Made by Paying The Difference Amount To Your Existing Package.
  • If Your Income Becomes 200% Of Your Package, You Cannot Top It Up, You Need To Buy a New Package.
  • If Ever You Need Help, Write To Support, Support Will Contact You Within 24 Hours After Creating Your Support Ticket.

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