Greetings FXTradingCorp Leaders

Today is my 6 weeks in this amazing business. 

We have made Total Profits of $14 690 that is about R231 000 in EXACTLY 6 Weeks and 3 Days in the FXTrading Corp Business.

The above Total includes the following:

1. Daily Trading gains of between 1, 2% and 1,8% every Monday to Friday for the past 14 days.
 – This is Pure Passive Income without recruiting a single person.

2. 6% Direct Commission when you recruit.

3. 10% Binary Bonus paid daily for 7 days on your weaker leg.

4. 2% Residual Income from the Trading Profits of my direct Downliners, my Indirect Downliners, and my 3rd Level Downliners.
 – These are Paid Daily from Monday to Friday the moment you begin to hit a Rank.
 – I am now Rank Star ⭐️ 4 which gives you 2% Bonuses as explained here up until your 4th Level Downliners.

Imagine Getting Paid 2% Daily when everyone you have signed up including all your Indirect Downliners trade and Make Profits!

The following elements are what I believe made it worthwhile for me to Take The Risk and Join FXTrading Corporation, again I repeat ”Take the Risk” and Join:

1. The FXTrading Corporation guarantees 400% Pure Passive Income where they pay up to 2,5% a Day on Trade.
 – I am averaging between 1, 2% – 1,8% a Day, Pure Passive Income without recruiting.

Which bank can give you up to 8% a Week?

2. Should you decide to recruit the company gives you 6% Direct Commission for every person that signs up under you.

3. 10% Binary Bonuses paid everyday between 5:30 PM South African Time.
 – This is a very Big Win and Network Marketers know how this can transform their lives in a short space of time.

4. 2% Residual Bonuses as you hit the ranks. 
 – These are 2% Bonuses from the Daily Earnings of your direct people including your indirect referrals, all the way up to 10 Levels Deep !

We are prisoners of Hope. 
– Remember, nothing comes from a comfort zone. I took a risk. If you are a risk Taker, let’s move together and go share this with other Risk Takers.*

Let Us Join Hands This Time.

FXTrading Investment Packages Are As Follows:

  • 100$ Get 400$
  • 300$ Get 1200$
  • 500$ Get 2000$
  • 1000$ Get 4000$
  • 3000$ Get 12,000$
  • 5000$ Get 20,000$
  • 10,000$ Get 40,000$
  • 20,000$ Get 80,000$
  • 30,000$ Get 120,000$
  • 40,000$ Get 160,000$
  • 50,000$ Get 200,000$

Wishing you the very best in your FXTrading Corp Businesses.

Welcome To FXTradingCorp.
Be Part Of The Digital Investment Revolution !
Join Millions Of People Around The World Who Will Be Part Of A New History In The Financial Market.